FridaBaby- Windi, The Gaspasser

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Sometimes, baby’s full of it. Gas, that is. Skip the drops and use the Windi to instantly free stubborn gas stuck in baby’s pipes. It’s completely safe, doctor-invented and the only natural solution for gas relief.

What’s inside?

  • 10 one-time-use tubes

How To:

  1. Massage belly gently downward towards rectum.
  2. Lubricate Windi tip.. we suggest coconut oil, but any lubricant works.
  3. Lift legs and have a diaper ready.. trust us, it could get messy.
  4. Gently insert Windi. Listen for gas to pass - it will sound like a whistle - and should ony take a few seconds.
  5. Remove and discard Windi.



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